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Improve the Microbiome by Improving Diversity

In order for the microbiome to remain in a healthy state (homeostasis), it requires a diverse selection of microorganisms to remain resilient against disruptive changes.4最大化的弹性对于当我们遇到生活中的挑战时,例如需要威胁健康细菌群体以及预期的微生物靶标的抗生素的需求。

Diet Supports the Microbiome by Promoting Diversity

Our diets – both foods and beverages – provide nourishment for more than just our cells. Microorganisms in thegut microbiome还依靠人类饮食来获得能量。通过尽可能尽可能提供共同的细菌,做出健康的饮食选择以改善微生物组,可以倾向于倾向于分别(“好”)细菌而不是破坏性(“坏”)细菌。

Dietary fibers (i.e. inulin, cellulose, hemicellulose, pectin, and psyllium) are an important part of the diet because they are uniquely able to evade digestion in the small intestine, waiting until they make it to the large intestine to feed and support the gut microbiota. Dietary fibers interact directly with the microbiota and are an important factor in producing key metabolites important for gut health, such as short-chain fatty acids (SCFA).1这些代谢物是许多细胞过程的关键介体,对于消化健康,代谢调节,炎症反应的调节和一般微生物组稳态(平衡)至关重要。2

It is also important for dietary choices to be diverse, because diversity in the gut microbiome reflects diversity in the diet. In addition to dietary fiber, fermented foods — such as yogurt and kefir — improve the microbiome by adding bacterial species to the populations of microbiota in the gut.3

Commensal and Disruptive Gut Bacteria

Commensal:These are the “good” bacteria that benefit from being a part of the human microbiome and also positively influence human health through the production of beneficial metabolites.




Prebiotic:通过饮食或补充获得的物质,这些物质在胃肠道中规避消化以喂养肠道细菌。这通常会导致微生物组和/或肠道健康的益处的正变化或负面变化。这是通过支持共生的“好”细菌并阻止破坏性的“坏”细菌来起作用的。Prebiotic supplements包括:

  • Human milk oligosaccharides (HMO) like 2’-FL
  • Inulin
  • Psyllium

Certain prebiotics, such as 2’FL, are selective, supporting commensal “good” bacteria.

益生菌:消耗后的生物微生物会对微生物组和与肠道相关的宿主健康产生积极影响,包括食物(酸奶和其他发酵食品)和补充剂,这些补充剂通过在特定的微生物中添加来增加微生物组的多样性。益生菌补充剂可能会增加或减少某些微生物群,4in turn having a significant impact on microbiome diversity. Probiotics are also associated with supporting the immune response through various mechanisms, including cytokine production.4细胞因子是免疫系统采用的化学信使来引发重要事件,例如先天免疫反应期间的炎症。5

Symbiotic bacteria:Live organisms that provide benefit to the host while also receiving benefit from the host.

Our Supplements for Microbiome Support*

GI Stability™

GI Stability™是为每天设计的益生元补充剂和急性胃肠道(GI)需求。它有助于支持健康的肠道微生物组,有选择地喂养有益细菌的生长。*^


pros养生物, a prebiotic and probiotic combination supplement, is a synergistic blend of four research-supported probiotic strains and two prebiotic fibers to support gut flora and overall intestinal health.*




益生元菊粉is a prebiotic supplement that supports bone health, immune system response function, and gut balance.*

Whole Food Fiber

Whole Food Fiberis a good source of prebiotic fiber from nutrient-rich whole foods.


胃纤维®provides prebiotic support for the digestive system.*


Zypan®combines betaine HCl with digestive enzymes to support macronutrient digestion and gastric pH.*

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