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Supplements for Health Care Providers Who Take a Holistic Approach to Patient Care

如今,由于美国标准饮食中缺乏营养,食物与健康身体之间的关系比以往任何时候都更重要。为您的患者提供我们的高质量,安全,全面的基于食物的营养补充是一种补充您实践的好方法 - 帮助您平衡身体与最佳功能所需的营养。我们欢迎您通过加入我们的家庭和关怀专业人员社区的新方式来发展业务,同时我们共同推动整体医疗保健。



当您加入我们拥有与标准流程合作的全国其他志趣相投的医疗保健专业人员和兽医的社区时,您会采用不仅仅是产品线 - 您会执行一项使命,以改善生活。vwin娱乐优惠与标准流程的合作伙伴关系提供了网络机会vwin娱乐优惠,以及一系列教育资源和工具,以帮助您学习和发展实践。从电子商务平台和按需网络研讨会到个性化的技术支持,成为帐户持有人在许多层面上都提升了您的实践。

When Partners Feel More Like Family, You Know You Have Something Good Going On



Sell Standard Process Using One of Two Convenient eCommerce Platforms

At Standard Process, our partnerships have always been about working together to change lives. Your success is important to us because we care about the health and well-being of your patients and your practice. That’s why we offer two convenient product sales platform options designed for an even better patient experience. No matter which option you choose, we manage all the logistics – making it easy for everyone.


inSITE provides a convenient eCommerce web template that links directly to your existing site. You can customize the look to reflect your brand while offering your choice of high-quality Standard Process products. Current and prospective patients can order at their convenience and have their products shipped directly to their home.



患者直接使用您批准的访问代码在标准过程网站上为患者提供一种方便的方式,可在标准过程网站上订购您的推荐产品。vwin娱乐优惠vwin德赢在哪下载它使您可以通过我们的全套标准过程和Mediherb®产品向当前的患者提供建议 - 为您的患者提供一种方便的方式,可以直接送到他们的家门口订购补品。vwin娱乐优惠vwin德赢在哪下载


Supplement Fulfillment Partners

Our Supplement Fulfillment Partners provide a simple way for practitioners to ship our supplements directly to patients. This direct-to-patient fulfillment gives practitioners an opportunity to easily offer Standard Process supplements for their patients' health needs, even if they don't stock our products. Currently, we have relationships with Fullscript (Natural Partners), Wellevate (Emerson Ecologics), Kaerwell, and Doctors Supplement Store.

Ideal Dispensary

Ideal Dispensary is designed to help you get to your product recommendations for patients quickly. It helps you gain a good understanding of our product line so you can easily customize and build your nutritional health regimens to fit the specific needs of your patients. Following our以系统为中心的方法with our categorical product groupings is a good way to get up and running.

Advanced Education



WholisticMattersoffers clinically driven nutrition insights you can trust to be balanced, credible, and reliable. Partnering with some of the world’s most influential clinical investigators and institutions, WholisticMatters is designed to keep you current in nutrition practices that help improve health outcomes. It provides interactive tools and valuable information for holistic, integrative, and functional health care approaches that use nutrition therapy.

On-Demand Webinars

Knowledge empowers you to grow and introduce new ways of thinking and achieve peak health for patients. We provide you the opportunity to learn from industry experts on a range of topics in our ongoing series of educational webinars. From product and ingredient innovations to body system insights, to discussions about various health conditions, we help to keep you informed.




在一个方便的地方找到您需要帮助发展业务的所有工具和资源 - 从办公室显示标牌到患者手册,练习工具和促销项目。vwin娱乐优惠标准过程使您可以轻松地将我们的高质量产品整合到您的实践中,同时还可以帮助您教育和指导患者达到健康。vwin德赢在哪下载


在额外的支持下兽医特定工具, veterinary professionals have the confidence and expertise to incorporate a nutritional assessment with every patient at every visit, give individualized supplement recommendations, and offer advice on creating a foundation for optimal animal health.