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A Systems-Based Approach to Better Nutritional Outcomes

Achieve Optimal Health Through Targeted Nutritional Support

Ideal Dispensary is a systems-based approach to health care. It helps you inspire, engage, and enable your patients to reach peak health by simplifying the product selection process. Ideal Dispensary gives you the ability to recommend nutritional regimens specific to patient health needs.

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Support the System, Not Just the Symptom

At Standard Process, we take a systems-focused approach to health care. Evidence shows that whole food-based nutrition can make an important difference in our body systems. By understanding how each system works individually and interdependently, we can support our most important body systems by selecting the best combination of nutrients.


Each system can be affected by an individual’s lifestyle – their diet, genetic predisposition, the environment and level of activity.

Ideal Dispensary provides a systematic guide to helping you select targeted nutritional support by taking into account the body’s interrelated systems.

An Easy Way to Find the Right Products

Ideal Dispensary helps you connect the right products to your patients’ unique needs.

Our in-clinic kits, display signage, assessment tools, and online resources provide you with a simplified selection process that follows a systems-based approach to help you quickly and confidently get to a targeted recommendation. Ideal Dispensary kits, with in-clinic display signage and assessment tools, are the perfect complement to your practice and a great way to help patients reach peak health while supporting your practice goals.

In-Clinic Display Signage



When your patient fills out the Standard Process Systems Survey, you can quickly assess their health status for a snapshot of the reason that brought them to see you.